Covenant Renewal Worship

One of the things you might notice when worshiping at Christ the Redeemer Church is the joy of friends and families coming together as a community to worship God. 


We believe that the worship of God is the primary means of Christian discipleship - from Worship flows all other Gospel Activity in our daily lives. 


Our worship is characterized by the robust singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, biblical preaching, weekly communion,  hearty "Amens!" and the peace and joy of Christ.


Our Liturgy is the vehicle that God uses to serve His people and to renew His covenant with us. Yes, we gather to be served by God.


Services of Covenant Renewal that are found in the Bible follow this basic  structure: 


CALLING: God calls us into His presence to "draw near" to Him in worship. We respond to God's Call with song and praise.

CLEANSING: God cleanses us from our sins as we confess them to Him.

CONSECRATION: God consecrates us to Himself by the Word of God and Prayer.

COMMUNION: God communes with us at the Lord's Table.

COMMISSION: God commissions us to go forth and serve Him in our daily callings and vocations, and to make disciples of all the nations.

If you would like to know more about our Liturgy, please see a sample of one our weekly Church Bulletins. You can also read Further Up and Further In: A Guide to the Liturgy.

Wednesday Evening Worship and Study

Join us on Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm for one of our Services of Prayer, Study, or Singing.
  • First Wednesday of the Month - Congregational Vespers Service
  • Second Wednesday of the Month - Women's Study
  • Third Wednesday of the Month - Congregational Vespers Service
  • Fourth Wednesday of the Month - Men's Study
  • Fifth Wednesday of the Month - Psalm Sing and Fellowship